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Packed with loads of good memories we are writing this  report of a phantastic tour on the other side of the world…
It started in Malaysias capitol Kuala Lumpur with a very warm welcome at the German Embassy.
Bavarian (äähm sorry .. ) , German embassador Dr. Günther Gruber and his wife made sure the place
was packed and everybody had enough German Beer after the concert, which was fun of course!
We met so many different nations in just one room that night, it was fantastic!!!  ((thanks!))

And another ‘ Local ‘ was taking good care of us throughout our stay in KL:
Dr. Volker Wolf from Goethe Institut – you get infected right away from his charming soulfulness – he is a great source to hear and learn from about the country.
Singing in KDU University was such fun, having a big Party with all the students over there,
after that we were traveling to Penang Island once again, to sing for the German – Malaysian Association, right at the famous Eastern Oriental Hotel ,
where Hermann Hesse back then had his coffee at the seaside..

Flying half around the world in this special case meant for us ———— meeting friends! Isn’t that cool?
We met Paul Augustin from Penang Island Jazzfestival and jammed in a club with some of the Malay musicians we met at his Festival 2 years ago!

On we went – to Borneo Island,  first stopping by at Riamtec College – and again – partying with 1500 students here..!




then – finally – the concert we were waiting for all the weeks before…
BORNEO Jazzfestival – it was a BLAST !!

Imagine a crowd of 4000 people partying on A-Cappella-Music and Rainforest-Sounds on the shore of the south-china-sea… AMAZING!!

We were overwhelmed by the vivid blaze of sounds and the exquisite variety of all the other bands that came from all parts of the world.

We were honoured to be amongst such a terrific line-up…
Thanks so much to all the great people there helping and making this beautiful Festival happen!
Thanks to the people from Sarawak for the heartful Welcome-Dance we all did together.

Early next morning we flew to Brunei! That was also really special,.. well the rehearsal started with a cencorship-meeting ..
A different country, a different culture, different rules…
We had fun with a lovely crowd in Brunei, and thank you Mr. Domas from the German Embassy, it was great to get to know you and your family!
And again we experienced maybe the most important thing: Music is the language that overpowers every (!) border.


From colourful Kuala Lumpur over tradition steeped Borneo/Sarawak to the rich and strictly muslimic Brunei !
And moreover: The hospitality and warmness of the Malaysian people is incredible and we felt like home right away again!
Thank you Malaysia for a warm welcome! Terima kashi Malaysia!

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